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Case Results

Willoughby & Associates has been achieving successful litigation outcomes for over 30 years. Please see some of our highlights below, and contact us to learn how we can help win your ass.

  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in Personal Injury settlements
  • Over 200 jury trials
  • Over 50 appellate cases including cases which have changed state law
  • Victories in Municipal law on the 1st Amendment, Eminent Domain, and Community Re-Development
  • Not-Guilty Verdicts in over 15 of Murder trials that went to the jury
  • Employment Law case verdicts exceeding $1,000,000
  • Won multiple political corruption cases

Key Cases

Ramirez v. Jimenez


Lost home and assets

Home and assets returned

Medel v. Doe

Car Accident

Car totaled; Client hospitalized

Settlement for client

Smith v. Lacey

Assault & Battery

Client hospitalized

Settlement for client

Doe v. Classified

Sexual Assault

Client assaulted by employer

Settlement for client

People v. Webb

Gun Possession

Client arrested for lawful carry

All charges dropped

Bates v. LAC

Police Misconduct

Client shot and mistreated

Settlement for client

Prado v. Sanchez

Assault & Battery

Appeal of Court ruling

Overturned in favor of client

Haslip v. Educational Testing Service

SAT Cheating

Challenge to SAT score of Student Athlete

Compensation to Student Athlete

People v. Strider

Appellate Case

4th Amendment Police Search and Seizure

Redefined California law

Johnson v. ICEF


Sexual Harassment

Verdict for the Plaintiff

Landrum v. Claremont

Police Misconduct

Fatal Shooting by Police Officer

Compensation to Victim’s Family

People v. Ron Beilke

Political Corruption

Conflict of Interest

Not Guilty on all felony counts

People v. Fernando Garcia

Murder Trial

Double murder

Case Dismissed during trial

People v. Beerly Tilmutt

Murder Trial

Attempted murder with a confession

Not Guilty on all counts

People v. Eric Johnson

Murder Trial

2 counts attempted murder
4 counts robbery
2 counts car jacking

Not Guilty on all counts

If you are in a situation that requires legal assistance, we can help you come out ahead without breaking your bank.

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