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Estate Planning

Each of us has an estate comprised of everything we own, from our cars to our wedding rings. No matter how large our investments or how small our toys, everything we leave behind will find its way somewhere when our time comes. Arranging this process in advance is difficult and often overly complicated. Far too often mistakes and disagreements among family members bring out the worst in us in a time when we need to gather together and support each other.

Willoughby & Associates is prepared to provide you with the legal assistance necessary to ensure your wishes are carried out effectively and efficiently. Most of all, we are here to ensure that your voice is heard with clarity.

Estate Planning is life planning. It is more than a will or a trust. These are the first steps. Estate planning begins with conversations about goals, retirement, and facilitating the enjoyment of a long and happy life. It is this wider perspective that we can provide, so that you can have the peace of mind you work so hard to attain.

Our Estate Planning Practice Includes:

  • Passing of valuables
  • Disability instructions
  • Guardian and inheritance management
  • Special Needs provisions
  • Transfer of property
  • Business transfers

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