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Municipal Law

Legal matters involving governments, from the local to the federal level, can be extraordinarily complex. The legal structure is dense and the bureaucracy can be overwhelming. But, if you have Willoughby & Associates on your side, you can successfully navigate this difficult area of the law and obtain favorable outcomes for your litigation.

We have decades of experience in municipal and governmental law. We can represent both individual plaintiffs who are fighting government entities, as well as government divisions who need defense or other litigation work. Because we have in-depth knowledge in this area of the law and can effectively represent both sides, we are uniquely positioned to anticipate opposing counsel’s tactics. That also means we can efficiently develop the best winning strategies for your case.

Moreover, we have extensive experience working inside the political and government arenas – Anthony Willoughby has been appointed to several high-ranking positions in various government committees in Los Angeles, and also has been intimately involved with presidential campaigns. Consequently, we have longstanding relationships in the industry and can deliver insights that are unmatched by other law firms.

Our municipal law practice includes:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • School districts
  • Government Agencies

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