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Often, we are overwhelmed with our case load. Many attorneys find themselves needing the support staff to get the work done so that they can work effectively. Other times, attorneys would like to wind down or expand their practice, but they simply don’t have the infrastructure to make it happen. That is where we come in. At Willoughby & Associates, we provide the back-office support so that you can go to court and shine. We provide the manpower to research, write, and prepare you for trial.

Joining our growing list of attorneys who are utilizing our back-office support will provide you with peace of mind. With Willoughby & Associates you are getting a firm with over 20 years of experience acting as a support structure for you. If a motion needs to be completed, our research and writing team is there to assist you. If you have multiple appearances, we can provide coverage. When you are ready to prepare for trial, we are right there with you.

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If you are in a situation that requires legal assistance, we can help you come out ahead without breaking your bank.

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